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Marni Allison is a proud Canadian, intrepid traveler, amateur photographer, and life-long learner. Retired from a career in learning and development in the field of policing, Marni now shares life’s lessons through storytelling. She advocates the transformative power of travel to encourage others to learn more about the world and themselves. To explore more about her views on travel, resilience, and change, visit her at or 


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Have you ever asked yourself the question, "Is there something more?" What is it that gives our lives meaning? How do we transition from ordinary success to purpose-driven fulfillment? How do we flip the switch to allow us to move from security to courageousness? How do we go from having aspirations to realizing our destiny? In these times of social unrest and economic upheaval, the answers to these questions are more important than ever. Little Bird Learns to Fly will take you on a journey of discovery and encourage you to realize your own something more.


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About the book

You lost your parents, your identity, and your job; what’s your next move? 


Marni chose adventure. She camped in the midst of wild animals, climbed formidable mountains, volunteered with unconventional projects, and immersed herself in adventures throughout Africa and Southeast Asia. This is a delectable story of exotic experiences rooted in fearless wandering, peppered with cultural and historical insights, and seasoned with inspiration. 


This heartwarming yet riveting narrative unveils the transformative power of travel to stimulate personal growth and discovery while managing the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable. It illuminates the necessity of maintaining humor and resilience while facing mental and physical challenges, sustaining joy while dealing with the profusely tragic, and embracing universal connections despite cultural divisions. You will be transported to far off lands and captivated by an emotional journey as Marni discovers five lessons that will inspire you to find your own path in life and perhaps even plan your own adventure.  


How a Gorilla, Orphan, and Monk Saved My Life is a must-read for anyone wanting to travel the world, dealing with change, grief, or loss, or searching for the best version of themselves.   


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About the book

Learn To Travel Solo and Love It! Inspire the Traveler within! 15 Proven Techniques to Plan, Organize, and Experience the Ultimate Solo Journey. Did you know traveling alone is common, especially for women? In this informative Itty Bitty Book, Marni Allison shows you how to select the perfect destination and plan an itinerary. Learn how to deal with people who oppose your plans to travel alone. Then, get organized before you start your trip so you experience a fun, friendly, and impactful solo journey. Use these important tools and tips so that you can feel confidant, safe and healthy while traveling. For example: •Learn why so many people love traveling solo and are not worried about being alone. • Discover how to plan and prepare for a solo journey, including how to organize your documents, pack your luggage and budget for the perfect destination. • Develop the skills to meet new people, try new adventures, and turn challenges into opportunity. Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and experience confidence in knowing how to navigate a life-enhancing travel experience!



“Marni is one of those speakers that catches your attention in the first sentence. Her willingness to open herself up and share her authentic self is a breath of fresh air. If you want to be inspired to be more, do more and push yourself further, you won’t want to miss Marni’s story.”

Jay Tsougrianis