The Art of Traveling Solo

Traveling is a skill you learn and strengthen with practice. It has the power to transform your life, especially when you travel solo. Step out of your comfort zone. Adopt a positive mindset and pack your bags for an incredible solo journey.


Perhaps you anticipate loneliness and high costs. Your first solo journey may happen by default; you do not have a travel-mate with the time, finances or interest in visiting a location you want to explore. You’ll soon learn solo travel is common, particularly by young women and those over the age of fifty. You’ll also learn to love it.


Solo does not mean alone. Leave home alone, but meet other people along the journey. Join an organized tour group and avoid a single supplement by sharing a room. Participate in learning activities, day tours or cultural exchanges. Take advantage of the “sharing economy” and travel clubs to connect with other travelers and locals. Share portions of the journey with people you meet or invite friends and family to join you for segments of your journey. When you are alone, immerse yourself in the luxury of quiet time.


People choose to travel solo because it allows you to experience the following:


  • Be true to yourself. Enjoy the flexibility of pursuing your own interests and schedule. Build confidence and adaptability as you shift challenges into opportunity. Allow your creativity to emerge. Learn or enhance a skill. Use the time to reflect on your goals and priorities. Allow your authentic self to shine.


  • Make new friends. Some will be short-term, only in your life for the length of a journey. Others will become long-term friends and future traveling companions. Absorb the knowledge of others and share your knowledge with them. Embrace the love and learning offered. Use their reactions to your behaviour to evaluate how you treat yourself and others. Present the best version of yourself to the world.


  • Gain insight into your own perspectives and values. Learn about other places and ways of living, particularly when they are very different from your own culture. What do these differences teach you about your own expectations? Cultivate greater tolerance and compassion for others. Use this growth to improve your relationships and life choices.


The art of traveling solo is both a mindset and a practice. Face uncertainty and rejection, yet try anyway. Deal with the objections of others and stay true to your own path. Select a destination. Plan and prepare for the journey. Then, make it extraordinary while staying safe and healthy.


For more information on each of these elements, watch for the release later this year of Your Amazing Itty Bitty Travel Solo Book: 15 Strategies to Enhance Traveling Alone  (Release TBA: 2019).